My work as a therapist for over 25 years has been supported and informed by many traditions, including:

  • cognitive behavioural therapy: learning how to influence how you feel by changing how you think and act, especially in developing fair and self-supportive ways of thinking and lessening catastrophic and negative points of view
  • acceptance and commitment therapy: becoming more mindful and accepting of your thoughts and emotional reactions, choosing actions based on your core values, taking actions in incremental steps
  • person-centered therapy: more fully knowing and expressing your feelings and experiences within a warm, non-judging, confidential and empathic relationship
  • compassion-focused therapy: becoming more self-aware and mindful, kind towards oneself, and interconnected with others
  • Integral coaching®:  addressing adult development and all aspects of you as a whole person… mind, heart, soul, body, relationships and environment

I am here to:

  • listen and question attentively without judgment so that you feel truly seen, heard and understood
  • offer new perspectives to support your awareness of your ways of thinking, feeling, acting and relating,  and your understanding of your experiences, past and present
  • move you forward with the development of new evidence-based skills and capacities… champion your growth and trouble-shoot your ups and downs through your process of change

My professional practice is based on 12 years of university education in Clinical Psychology, and working experience since 1986 when I completed my Masters degree. Following my Ph.D., I completed extensive written and oral licensing exams to become registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario in 1994. My registration number is 2804. This college exists for the protection of clients and provides me with clear guidelines for acting ethically, competently and appropriately with those receiving my services. As a consumer, you can contact the college via phone (416–961 –8817) or their website (, should you have any unresolvable concerns about my conduct. My college requires me to participate in a Quality Assurance program, ensuring that I keep up to date.


1956 Robertson Rd., Suite 202
Ottawa, Ontario K2H 5B9

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