Video-conferencing Across Ontario

I am delighted to provide therapy across the province of Ontario to adults aged 25 and up via free secure video-conferencing. Your privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed as this service is compliant with Canadian legislation regarding the protection of health information.

All you need is a broadband internet connection, and a device with a webcam that allows video and audio (Windows computer, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android device).

If we set up an appointment to use video-conferencing, you will get an invitation with a link to the session via email (if you do not use email, I can give you an access code for the website). You can confirm our appointment, test your connection and install the video-conferencing platform (free). You will also be sent a sheet to complete regarding your contact information and understanding of my limits of confidentiality and fee policies. Before your appointment, you click on the Join Session link and wait in a virtual waiting room for me to arrive and join you into our session. There is technical support available 9 am to 8 pm EST.

How Secure Video Works

Alternatively, if you prefer to therapy from a distance over the phone, I am happy to do so.

Please note that my availability for distance services is generally Mon. and Weds. afternoons and Fri. mornings EST.


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