The College of Psychologists of Ontario:

an organization which oversees the credentialing and competence of Registered Psychologists, with the aim to serve and protect the public.

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The Canadian Psychological Association:

see sections for the public re “Do I have a problem?” and fact sheets on dozens of psychological concerns including depression, anxiety and stress.

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The Canadian Mental Health Association:

a good website for information on common difficulties and treatment/management options.

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A 10 min progressive muscle relaxation

A 15 min guided meditation:

8 minute guided meditation

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15 minutes sitting with breath:

a sample relaxation practice using your breath and small movements of your hands to calm your nervous system down:

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Dr. Rick Hanson has many many resources at his website; this link is
for free downloadable talks on many topics related to emotions and the nervous system:

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Dr. Kristin Neff has a good site on self-compassion, and there is a page with free guided meditations:

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